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Rolox Home Service, LLC Compozit replacement windows

Are you looking for replacement windows manufactured with state-of-the art technology, and installed by a professional installer?  If so, then our Compozit replacement windows are for you.  We pride ourselves on providing homeowners with efficient, attractive and durable windows.  Compozit replacement windows provide protection, ease of use, and superior style all at great price.  We can customize windows for your home, therefore providing the best appearance which is suited perfectly to your style.  If you are looking for premium service and the best value, then please contact us for a consultation.

Windows Before & After

Why Compozit replacement windows?

For the best replacement windows go with Compozit windows by Rolox Home Service, LLC  From strength and top of the class performance, to many frame and glass options, our windows provide homeowners with the best value on the market.

Energy Efficient

Each sash is welded, maintaining squareness and providing a superior weather seal.  The top and bottom sashes snap tightly into the head and the sill.  Also, the sashes interlock with dual weather-stripping, resulting in high energy efficiency.  Finally, our professional installers fit windows tightly to the frame, leaving no gaps which could allow loss of energy around the window.


Equipped with cam-action dual locks, our windows offer superior protection to your family.  The easy to operate dead bolts are permanently fixed into the sash, and are made from a highly durable material know for its strength and thermal efficiency.


The beauty is in the details.  Rolox Home Service, LLC Compozit windows not only improve your home’s comfort and appearance, but they can increase the return you get on the investment in your home.  Our windows feature high quality materials which look great, and add curb appeal to your home.


Compozit windows are manufactured from polymer composite, a highly evolved material that contributes to the windows longevity.  The heavy duty balance system allows the sash to move up and down  easily.  The balance cover not only improves the beauty of your window, but it protects the balance mechanism from dirt and moisture.  Combine a high quality window with professional installation by our expert crews, and you will enjoy your windows for many years.

Replacement Windows by Rolox Home Service

Window Types

Types of Windows Include Double Hung Windows, Sliding Windows, Picture windows, Casement windowsAwning windows, Specialty windows, Bay windows, Bow windows.

Exterior Frame Colors

Colors may vary due to screen resolution

Interior Frame Colors

Colors may vary due to screen resolution


If you love the traditional look of multi-paned windows, but hate the work required to clean them, then you’re in luck. Rolox Home Service, LLC offers a number of glass styles with grids and decorative muntins. The grids or muntins are mounted between two or three panes of insulating glass, therefore the glass is easy to clean.


Glass Types

Privacy and Tinting
Obscure glass options protect your privacy while continuing to allow light to enter the room.  Tinted glass options can provide additional shading from sunlight.

Low E (one pane) – Low E stands for “low emissivity”.  This glass has been coated with a metallic coating which deflects UV and infrared rays, and it limits solar heat gain.  It also helps keep your home warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

Tempered – Tempered glass is heated and then cooled rapidly in a controlled environment. This process makes the glass several times stronger than regular glass. It also makes the glass safer because it breaks into small, pebble-like fragments rather than large shards.

Glass types

Gas Insulation Types

Double Pane
Argon gas can be filled between the glass of our double pane or triple pane windows to increase energy efficiency. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, clear and odorless. Gas filled window panes have shown a measurable improvement in the thermal performance of the windows. This safe, naturally occurring gas helps block the transfer of heat better than air, therefore increasing energy-efficiency.  It also increases protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and helps to deaden sound.


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