6 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Windoes installed on Colonial Style Home | Rolox Home Service LLC

Deciding to replace your windows is only half the battle! You also need to decide which type of window you want to install. If you’re looking for windows that give you the highest quality at the best price point, vinyl simply cannot be beat. Vinyl windows are a long-lasting investment in your home’s value and are the perfect solution to the extreme weather conditions of the Kansas City area.

Replacement windows from Rolox Home Service are built with durable vinyl material, because we believe in enhancing the lives of our customers through affordable and quality home renovations. Wondering if vinyl replacement windows are right for your home? Here are six reasons we are confident you’ll love your vinyl replacement windows when you decide to work with us.

1. Vinyl Windows are Energy Efficient

Unlike aluminum windows, which conduct heat, vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient. Vinyl replacement windows are key to helping you save money on energy bills. Because vinyl is an insulator, heat won’t transfer through the material — helping your home stay cool on muggy summer days and warm in the frigid Missouri winters.

When you go vinyl, you’re taking care of both the environment and your wallet. Since our windows are National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and Energy Star certified — exceeding Energy Star standards by 26%! — you can rest easy, knowing your new windows will give you the best energy efficiency possible to lower your bills and keep your home temperature controlled all year round.

2. Vinyl Windows are Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows are the easiest to clean of any window material. All you need is some soapy water! And if you choose our double hung vinyl windows, cleaning is even easier as you can just tilt them in whenever they need a quick wipe down. No more breaking out a ladder or jerry-rigging a hose extender every time your second story windows need a wash.

Even better: Let your windows do the cleaning for you! Rolox Glass goes above and beyond even this level of cleaning ease by using SolarClean self-cleaning glass. Combining the sun’s ultraviolet rays with sheeting characteristics, our glass is designed to break down the adhesion of dirt or debris on your windows. All it takes is a little rain or a quick spray from a hose to bring your windows back to their original crystal clarity! How’s that for low maintenance?

3. Vinyl Windows are Durable

Vinyl windows are built to withstand the test of time and won’t warp, rot, or corrode like wood, wood clad, or composite windows. Vinyl is a very tough, sturdy material that will withstand any weather conditions. And that’s a must for homeowners who live in the seasonally diverse communities we serve. That’s why all of our windows include a non-prorated, transferable lifetime warranty that covers everything from the frame to the glass to the hardware. Our warranty is the best in the business because we believe our windows are too!

You also don’t need to worry about repainting vinyl windows. Because the color is innate to the vinyl, it won’t peel or chip. With nine interior finishes and 17 standard exterior finishes, plus the option to fully customize your exterior finish, you can have the style you want and know it will last for generations to come.

4. Vinyl Windows Block Out Noise

Insulation is great for more than just temperature control. It also makes vinyl windows perfect for blocking out honking cars and noisy neighbors. With 50% of our nation affected by noise pollution, vinyl windows are the best choice for ensuring you’re not one of them.

Although many vinyl windows use dual-pane laminated glass to increase noise reduction, we offer the option of dual-pane NRG noise reduction glass that has comparable noise reduction efficiency at a lower cost and lighter weight. Say goodbye to the disturbing noises of barking dogs and loud traffic jams — and say hello to a good night’s sleep in the quiet and comfort of your home!

5. Vinyl Windows Offer Good ROI

All pros and cons of vinyl windows aside, vinyl replacement windows truly offer the most features and benefits at the lowest cost on the market. In fact, vinyl window replacement has the best return on investment of any window replacement option. They were even the fifth best remodeling project ROI overall in 2021, with 68.6% of the cost recouped!

6. Vinyl Windows are Safe

If your windows are older, they likely have a thinner glass and weaker locking system than is standard for most windows today. This puts you at greater risk of break-ins and damage in adverse weather conditions. With sturdy slider locks on all our windows and a three point locking system on sliding patio doors, you’re never safer than when tucked in at home surrounded by Rolox vinyl windows!

Still Not Sure? Let Us Help!

We want you to have the freedom and flexibility to replace your windows now instead of waiting until you have cash to do so. This is why we offer home renovation financing with low interest rates and payoff timelines catered directly to your budget and needs. We want to take care of you every step of your renovation journey, from choosing your windows to installation to funding the whole project. At Rolox, we are here to help. Contact us to request a free quote today!

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