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Your home is where our heart is.

About us

Your home is your most valuable possession, and it keeps your family sheltered from the elements.  If you regularly invest in maintenance and home improvements, your home will return the favor many times over.  Are you looking for the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price?  At Rolox Home Service, LLC we offer those aspects and much more.

We’re here to meet your home improvement needs while staying within your budget.  We’ll be with you through every step of the process, consistently upholding our commitment to quality and satisfaction. Your home is where OUR heart is, so we offer a broad selection of products and services all designed to exceed your expectations.  We’re your source for high quality replacement windows, vinyl siding, bathroom remodeling, walk-in tubs, entry & patio doors, and roofing.  Our stores in Grandview, MO and Wichita, KS serve communities up to 120 miles away, and sometimes further.  Contact one of our representatives, and let us help get your next project underway.

Replacement windows

Windows have the power to make or break the appearance of your home.  Are you looking for replacement windows manufactured with state-of-the art technology, and installed by a professional crew?  If so then our Compozit replacement windows are for you.  We pride ourselves on providing homeowners with efficient, attractive and durable windows.  Compozit replacement windows provide protection, ease of use, and superior style all at great price.  We can customize windows for your home, providing the best appearance suited to your style.  If you are looking for premium service and the best value, contact Rolox Home Service, LLC for a consultation.

Vinyl siding

In conjunction with the right roofing materials, siding can help make your home impenetrable to outside forces.  Are you looking for a siding company who will listen to you, understand your budget and care for your home?  If so then please consider us.

New siding gives your home a fresh curb appeal guaranteed to withstand the elements, and holds its appearance for years to come.  We offer a wide range of siding profiles, colors, and finishes.  Our people will listen to the vision that you have for your home, then offer options to fit your budget.  Our installation experience and commitment to quality are part of the package. It’s yet another way of maintaining our long-standing tradition of excellence.  We also offer financing to fit most budgets.

Bathroom remodeling

That old, out-dated and worn-out bathroom is getting harder to clean.  But, you might be putting off remodeling for any number of reasons.  Well, delay no more because we take the hassle out of bathroom remodeling.  We’ll provide a clean, new, highly-functional bathroom without hassle or stress.   Rolox Home Service, LLC has a proven track record of satisfied customers, competitive pricing and beautiful bathrooms.  Browse our inventory of tub skirts, shower bases, drop-in and walk-in tubs, and choose just the right colors, finishes, tiles and hardware to create the bathroom of your dreams.  We even offer an array of accessories for ultimate convenience.

Entry Doors & Patio Doors

Do you cringe every time you see that old front door?  Is that patio door getting ready to fall of it’s hinges?

A new door installed by Rolox Home Service, LLC is the easiest way to create a beautiful entry, or to start enjoying your patio again.  We install doors in a variety of materials, glass styles and finishes.  We’ve put together a select group of features to create an entryway that outperforms other door offerings in beauty, durability, security and energy-efficiency.  We offer a full line of decorative glass, hardware, colors and finishes. Our team of craftsmen assemble and finish each door to exacting standards, and will create a beautiful entryway for your home at a price you can afford.

We offer free, no obligation consultations to provide you with professional advice in selecting door material, style, glass, finish, hardware and an accurate measurement for exact fit.


Your roof is your primary line of defense against nature’s fury, so the roofing material is crucial to your home’s longevity and energy efficiency.  The roof has has a direct impact on appearance and value of your home.  Opting for the least expensive material might be easier on your budget at the moment, but it might not be the best investment for the long run.

Asphalt roofing is the most common cover for residential homes in North America.  High quality asphalt shingles will continue to be flexible, resist the urge to warp and will not dry out for the expected lifetime of the roof.  Another aspect of asphalt roofing’s popularity is its price point.  In addition to being cost effective, asphalt roofs have high fire ratings.  Perhaps the best attribute of asphalt roofing is minimal maintenance.

Metal roofs may fall behind asphalt shingles where popularity is concerned, but they’re gaining ground.  We offer the DECRA® roofing system.  It is light years ahead of the cookie-cutter strips of old metal roofs.  Stone coated steel is relatively new to the roofing industry with a number of benefits to the savvy homeowner.  Weighing in at only 1.5 pounds per square foot so it is light enough to be installed over an existing roof, which saves the cost of removal and disposal.  Stone coated steel roofing requires a bit more of an investment, but it’s made to last longer with up to a 50-year warranty.  Whether you choose asphalt shingles or metal roofing, you’ll enjoy the benefits of better curb appeal and better energy efficiency.

Consider Rolox Home Service for your next renovation project

From shower updates to complete exterior overhauls, we are the go-to home improvement company for homeowners in Kansas and Missouri.  Our top-of-the-line products and expertise are at your disposal from the moment you enlist our services until long after your project is complete.  Call us at 1-800-950-3060 or fill out the form on our website for a free estimate.  Then let our team put our 40 years of experience to work for you.

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