Are You Ready for a Walk-in Tub in Your Home?

As much as you may love taking baths, climbing in and out can be cumbersome and dangerous, not to mention the slippery mess it can make on your bathroom floors. Instead of giving up your favorite way to unwind after a long day, consider installing a walk-in bath to make your relaxation time much easier and more enjoyable.


What is a Walk-in Tub?

Walk-in baths make it easier and safer for older adults, or those with physical disabilities, to bathe. Unlike standard baths, which require you to climb over the side to get in and out, walk-in baths have built-in doors so users can simply step in, fill the tub, then step back out after draining the water.


When remodeling your bathroom, installing a walk-in tub is one of the best things you can do to improve accessibility — which is a must if you’re planning to age at home, or have a senior or disabled person living in your home.


Benefits of Walk-in Baths

Although there are many pros and cons to walk-in baths, the benefits for your comfort and safety far outweigh the drawbacks! In addition to a built-in door enabling easy access, walk-in baths come with:


  • A very low step-in height
  • Secure handrails
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • A seat for bathing comfort


Some walk-in baths may also include anti-scald valves to protect from overheating, whirlpool jets, extra wide seats, or even heated seats to keep you warm while the water drains from the tub. Walk-in tubs also use the same amount of water as a standard bathtub because their narrow design balances out the added height.


The most significant benefit, of course, is the protection against falling. Many of the falls older people experience occur in the bathroom, which is why accessibility is so necessary for such an integral part of the home!


Five Signs You May Need a Walk-in Tub

Planning the right timeline for home renovations is important, especially when the upgrades are essential for the safety and comfort of someone living in your home. Here are some signs it’s time to install a walk-in tub for your bathroom:

1. Climbing In or Out of the Bath is Difficult

If you or another member of your household are experiencing difficulties climbing in or out of a standard bathtub, there is a risk for potential injury. Walk-in baths make it easier to bathe independently, with a door to enter the bath featuring a very low ledge.

2. Getting Up and Down in the Tub is Uncomfortable

Mobility in the bathtub is a common struggle. Similar to climbing in and out of a bathtub, the discomfort of trying to maneuver is also difficult. And when water and soap are slippery, you’re setting yourself up for a potentially risky situation.


Walk-in baths feature a seat so you don’t have to lower yourself down to the base of the tub once inside. Not only is this more comfortable for most, it also is vital for those with accessibility needs!

3. Your Tub Needs to Be Replaced Anyway

If your current bathtub is old already, it’s an ideal time to upgrade to a walk-in bath! Whether your old tub is permanently stained, constantly leaking, frequently in need of repairs, or even just looks dated, replacing it with a modern walk-in tub can make your whole bathroom look and feel good as new. And keep in mind, it could even increase your overall home value!

4. You’ve Decided to Age at Home

With 77% of Americans saying they want to age at home rather than move into a senior living community, improved accessibility in the home is worth exploring. Walk-in baths are the perfect way to transform your bathroom into a safer space as you age without completely renovating the entire room. Your old bathtub can be replaced with an accessible walk-in bath in a day or less. Most upgraded bathing systems will fit perfectly into the space of your old tub so you won’t need to worry about demolishing the rest of your bathroom in the process!

How to Make Walk-in Baths Affordable

Not only are walk-in bath installations quick and easy, but at Rolox Home Service, they are also affordable! We offer financing to help you pay for your new walk-in bath over time. We work closely with all of our customers to establish a financing plan that meets their budget needs. In addition, we offer a lifetime warranty with every walk-in bath so you get even more bang for your buck! Ready to make your bathroom your new favorite room in the house? Contact us for a free estimate!

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