Five Common Sliding Glass Patio Door Problems


Sliding glass doors are a great space-saving solution to accessing your patio while letting in plenty of natural light. These functional and tidy patio doors are very popular in American homes, and brand-new sliding glass doors can add a lot of energy efficiency to your home!


Of course, sliding glass doors aren’t without their problems. As they age and wear down, sliding glass doors may present a variety of issues that cause them not to function properly. These problems may leave you wondering whether your sliding glass door needs to be replaced or whether a little do-it-yourself repair can do the trick.


Here are five common problems with sliding glass doors — and how to determine whether repairing or replacing them is the best course of action.


1. Damaged Track

Sliding glass doors have a track along the base on which the rollers slide back and forth for opening and closing with ease. If this track gets bent or otherwise damaged, the door can’t slide as smoothly. This can be as simple as a subtle scraping noise as the door slides over the track, or it could be a more significant issue that makes it difficult to move the sliding door at all. It also can have the opposite effect if the track is bent outward, as this gives the door too much space to roll and it may easily get pulled off the track.

Solution: Repair or Replace

Some bending and issues with sliding glass door tracks can be fixed simply. If the track got bent while moving furniture through the doorway, for example, you may be able to grab some pliers and bend it back into place. However, this can risk further damage to the door and it may be safer to call in a professional.


If your track is significantly damaged or bent beyond easy repair, you should replace the entire sliding glass door with a brand-new one that is made from more durable, long-lasting materials.


2. Dirty Rollers

Another common cause of sliding glass doors not sliding smoothly along the track is dirty rollers. If the rollers get too clogged with dirt and debris, they can get jammed and not move with the door properly. If your track looks spick and span, take a look at your rollers — they may just be dirty!

Solution: Repair

Dirty rollers are a reasonably easy fix. Use a narrow hose attachment on your vacuum to suck out any larger debris, then take a wet paper towel to clean out the rest. If dirty rollers were your problem, you should notice an immediate improvement! 

3. Misaligned Rollers

When the rollers aren’t properly aligned, your sliding glass door can easily roll right off the track. Sometimes all it takes to fix misalignment is pushing your glass door back into the track, but if the wheels themselves aren’t aligned with each other then the problem will just keep repeating itself.

Solution: Repair or Replace

If your rollers aren’t aligned with each other, the screws should be tightened to make sure they’re all properly attached to the door itself. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to have your rollers adjusted by a professional or else replace your sliding glass doors entirely.


4. Rusted or Broken Rollers

If any rollers on your sliding glass door are rusted or broken, your door will not function properly. It may jam from rusted rollers not sliding along the track properly, or come off the track because rollers are damaged or missing.

Solution: Replace

At a bare minimum, the rusty, broken rollers will need to be replaced on your sliding glass door. Depending on the manufacturer and age of your sliding glass door, replacement rollers may or may not be hard to come by. The wrong size or type of roller can exacerbate the problem, so you need to ensure it’s the right replacement part.


Rusting rollers may also indicate that your sliding glass door has other problems. Your rollers may not be properly protected from the elements with a proper seal. This also means your home isn’t being sealed up effectively when the door is closed, which can negatively affect your energy bills. If your rollers are falling apart, it’s worthwhile to consider replacing the entire sliding glass door with a more reliable one.


5. Broken Glass Panes

Broken glass is an obvious problem with sliding glass doors. If the glass is broken, your home is not protected against the elements, and it’s also not secure. Broken glass is also a safety hazard for anyone living in your home — especially for pets and children, who may not be careful enough around sharp edges.

Solution: Replace

Glass panels should be replaced immediately to protect your home and its residents. If your sliding glass door has multiple glass panels and only one or two are broken, new replacement glass may not match the old glass very well. It’s better to simply replace all of the glass panels, or even better, the entire door!


If your glass was weak enough to break, it probably wasn’t doing much for your home’s insulation in the first place. Replacing your sliding glass doors is a chance to upgrade to better-quality, more energy-efficient glass.


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