Framing Your View: 4 of the Best Window Trends in 2022

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Windows are a big part of your home’s aesthetic, introducing light, style, and outdoor scenery. Whether you have one or two windows or many all over your house, their design can either modernize or detract from the overall look of your home. If you’re looking to add or replace windows to your home, here’s a list of four design trends that will help make them stand out in style:

The Arched Window Design

Arched windows are a great way to bring natural light into your home, so you can use them in any room. They’re also elegant and versatile, allowing them to fix the mold of any particular interior design style.

Arched windows typically have a curved arch above the windowpanes, creating an intricate shape when viewed from the outside. In terms of structure, stone or brick is traditionally used to mimic period-appropriate architecture such as Gothic Revivalist or Moorish Revivalist design, leading to an elegant frame for your window. However, this theme is also increasingly popular in modern homes, as the tall arches boast a beautiful, sophisticated shape while allowing a refreshing amount of light inside your home.

If you’re looking for classic arched windows, it’s important you use a contractor who knows what they’re doing. If you look at an arch from above and below, there should be distinct curves that meet at a center point for it to function properly, and details such as trimming around each pane should look professional and clean – but installed perfectly this is a sleek, beautiful design that can transform your indoor space and your curb appeal. Add some fun and style to your home by choosing this enviable window design.

The Round Window Design

Round windows are an excellent way to add interest to a room. They’re also very easy to clean while letting in a burst of light to brighten small-medium spaces – a useful addition to any home style. Round windows work especially well in open plan living areas, where they can be made into feature points.

High, round window designs have been popular for decades and are still popular for many homeowners. This trend has become especially popular in modern homes and apartments, because the windows make it easier for residents to see outside, without large structures blocking the view, as might be the case in traditional rectangular windows.

Choosing round windows will bring in light and create a sense of space that’s hard not to love!

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. They are created using a platform that extends outside the house and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and living rooms, offering extra storage for books, ornaments, and of course, plants. This wonderful addition to your home adds color and light to any room and is an optimal space for flowers and green plants. Garden windows allow natural light to fill your home while adding a sense of space, freshness, and nature.

The best part about these windows is that they can be installed in any room with an existing window frame or wall space and serve the purpose of immediately transforming your interior. If you’re interested in talking about how to add a garden window to your space, chat with a professional who can help you develop your ideas. 

L-Shaped Window Design and Sitting Nook

An L-shaped window is one of the most popular ways to add extra space and light to a room. With this modern design, your window wraps around a corner so that it covers two walls leading to an outside view in two directions. Not only does this introduce a ton of light and beautiful, modern style, but it is a perfect place for a sitting nook, wrap-around bench, or L-shaped sectional. Whether you enjoy breakfast with a view, a well-lit reading corner, or a bright, friendly sitting area, this design trend is becoming increasingly popular and is bound to increase home value and make your home your happy place.

This type of design can also work for both horizontal and vertical windows; vertical windows can also be used in an L-shape configuration to bring the same light and beauty to narrower corners, meaning you can bring window trends to any space in your house.

You Deserve to Love and Light-Up Your Space No Matter Where You Live. 

With the right window design, you can add value to your home and make it a more comfortable, functional place for you and your family. We do window installation and replacement and offer Financing so you get the home improvements you love, for a price that works great. If you’re looking for a window replacement company, Rolox Home Service LLC has multiple solutions to offer. From simple maintenance to unique styles, there’s something for everyone here! Contact us today.


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