Get Your Home Winter-Ready: 6 Tips for Preparing your Windows for the Cold

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Every winter, the temperature is expected to drop significantly. The energy cost during winter is also likely to rise as you use space heaters, furnaces, pellet stoves, and other appliances to keep the house warm. You can reduce the energy spent by winterizing the openings in your home by sealing gaps and changing to high-energy-saving windows. This article will teach you how to reduce energy loss by winterizing your windows.


1.   Check Frames for Air Leaks

The first step before you seal your windows is to check your frames’ integrity, efficiency, and strength. Examine any cracks, holes, sagging, or space between the wall and frames. Cold air can enter your house during winter and increase the energy required to keep your home warm. The size of the gaps and holes in your windows will determine whether you can seal them yourself or seek the help of a window replacement professional. You can identify the draftiest parts of your window and door frame by:

  • Checking for gaps at night by having someone shine a flashlight from the outside on the frame as you look for any light beams passing inside.
  • Place your damp hand over the suspected areas and see if you can feel any breeze.
  • Passing a lit candle across the edges of your frame on a windy day and see if the flame flickers.


2.   Apply Caulk for Intermittent Cold Spots and Drafts

If you feel cold spots around your windows, some cracks or gaps are letting cold air into your house. Use caulk to seal any of these gaps inside and outside your home. Check for cracks, scrapes, and breaks in areas that you had caulked before. Reseal those areas to ensure that you are not allowing the cold winter wind into your house. Caulking is a simple process:

  • Scrape the old or deteriorated caulk with a knife. You may also use a caulk remover to make the work easier.
  • Clean the perimeter around the frame from inside and outside. Remove any residues and debris using a household cleaner.
  • Apply the new caulk using the caulk gun.


3.   Weatherstrip Windows

Apply weather stripping around the window frames for more prominent or visible gaps, spaces, or cracks. A professional can help you to install weather stripping correctly with airtight seals. If your doors and windows are already weather-stripped, check for any shortcomings, and make the required adjustments before winter.


4.   Evaluate and Repair Broken Windows

As you are headed to the winter month, you need to evaluate the condition of your windows. You may need the help of professionals to detect that your windows need repair or replacement. Broken windows can cause high energy bills, especially during winter. Therefore, you should take immediate action to repair them before it is too late. The cost of replacing or repairing windows may seem high, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.


5.   Replace Windows

Windows are an essential part of your house. They separate the outside environment from the inside environment. Old, outdated, damaged, or inefficient windows can allow conditioned air to escape your house. Your home’s temperature will no longer be comfortable, or the air conditioning unit will have to work harder. Outdated windows may also feature a single pane of untreated glass. Such glasses cannot keep your home warm or cool.

You need to replace your windows with modern windows with at least two panes of glass to protect the inside environment from the outside environment. These stylish windows also have low emissivity and are durable. Modern windows will improve insulation, lower energy bills, and give you a return on your investment.


6.   Install Storm Windows

The newer model storm windows have a Low-E coating. These windows can help to reduce air movement in and out of your home. They are more insulating and can reflect heat into the house during winter. The US Department of Energy research indicates that storm windows can save monthly heating and cooling costs by 33%. They will also protect your house from any storm since they can withstand the pressure of wind and elements. If you are tired of dealing with storm windows, upgrade to new energy efficient windows from Rolox Home Service for year-round comfort.


Potential Consequences for Not Replacing or Repairing Windows and Doors

Your home could be damaged

When your windows are broken or have gaps or spaces in the frames, it could damage your entire home. If moisture is captured in the window or door frame, it will rot the wooden frame and stain your walls and floor. It can also lead to a mold issue at home, which can be a health concern.


It can compromise home safety

Windows and doors that are cracked make your home vulnerable to robbers. Replacing windows and doors with the latest models can make your home safer.


Reduce property value

Old and broken windows can negatively impact your home’s appraisal. Replacing your windows or repairing damages can help maintain their value.


Waste money on energy

You will end up paying high energy bills because the windows and doors are in poor condition. Your AC will have to stay on longer to reach the desired temperature because of the air movement in and out of your house. Poor insulation can also be another cause of high energy bills.


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