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Many homeowners choose to replace their siding with vinyl because it is the most low maintenance, durable option. With an airtight seal for warmth and comfort, lasting color that doesn’t fade, and the durability to withstand the most extreme of Midwest weather conditions, vinyl siding offers an ideal perfect balance of quality and practicality for every home.

If you’re considering making the change to vinyl or already have installed vinyl siding and want to take great care of it, here’s a quick guide on how to clean and protect your vinyl siding. Spoiler alert: it’s really easy to do!

How Do I Wash My Vinyl Siding?

Although vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance and rarely needs much care, it’s important to know how to clean your vinyl siding to help it last even longer and retain its like-new curb appeal.

You don’t need to apply significant pressure or use much exfoliation to thoroughly wash vinyl siding. All you really need is a garden hose! Work from the ground up to spray off any dirt or grime that has collected on your siding, then rinse back down to avoid streaks.

Be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, or other strong cleaners that contain organic solvents, as these can damage the surface appearance of the vinyl. If the simple hose-down method doesn’t do the trick on any particularly stubborn dirt and stains, you can wash those sections with a soft cloth or long-handled soft bristle brush and either plain water or a standard household cleaner.

What Maintenance is Required for Vinyl Siding?

If you’re concerned about how to protect vinyl siding from fading, don’t be! Vinyl siding is certified, tested, and UV protected so that the color won’t fade over time, and the non-porous material means dirt cannot penetrate its surface! Vinyl siding doesn’t require any special care or repairs. Once installed, it’s ready to last a lifetime.

Ultimately, the best way to maintain your vinyl siding is to leave it be. Avoid harsh chemicals, keep it away from significant heat sources like your grill during a summer BBQ, and don’t worry about painting it. Because the color is made to last, your vinyl siding won’t need a touch-up anyway!

Vinyl siding doesn’t crack, peel, or get damaged from moisture. It doesn’t require repainting, caulking, staining, or pressure washing. Once installed, your vinyl needs nothing from you except for the occasional rinse! Yes, it’s really that easy!

Removing Stains from Vinyl Siding

Need more tips for cleaning vinyl siding? Perhaps your toddler took a Sharpie to the exterior of your house and a hose just isn’t going to cut it? You really don’t need to invest in a special product to clean stains from your vinyl siding! In most cases, the best vinyl siding cleaner is simply a standard glass and hard surface household cleaning product, or even a solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water, will take care of the majority of unsightly dirt and stains.

How Often to Replace Vinyl Siding

Since vinyl siding doesn’t need extra maintenance, you don’t need to worry about it for 10 to 20 years after installation. If you’re a new homeowner and don’t know how old the current siding is, it may be time for a replacement! You’ll want to inspect your siding for signs of rot, warping, cracking, bubbling, holes, or loose siding. Although vinyl is extremely durable and long-lasting even in the most adverse of weather conditions, it will still eventually show signs of wear and tear that mean it’s time for an update. If you see any of these issues, you should replace your siding right away to reduce the risk of significant damage.

Another sign that your siding may need replacing is an unexpected spike in your energy bill. Rolox vinyl siding comes with high insulative properties to keep your home cool during summer months and warm in the winter, reducing the need to run your heat or air conditioning. However, if your siding is older, it may be wearing down and have a less airtight seal than it did 10 or 20 years ago when it was brand new.

If you have owned your house for a long time and know what the siding looked like when it was first installed, compare this mental image to your siding’s current state. If it seems noticeably old and worn out, it’s likely time to replace it. Even if you aren’t seeing any particular damage, wear, or aging in your siding, if it’s been more than 15 years since installation then it’s best to get ahead of potential problems and replace your siding sooner rather than later.

Is it Time to Replace Your Siding?

Committing to a home renovation like replacement siding is a big decision, and we want to support you in it however we can. Rolox Home Services is committed to bringing out the character of your home all while listening to your desires and needs. We offer a wide range of siding profiles, colors, and finishes. Our team will listen to the vision that you have for your home, then offer options to fit your budget, including our financing options so you don’t have to wait to give your siding the upgrade it needs! Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

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