How to Keep Your French Doors From Blowing On a Windy Day

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Whether you’re creating a sunlit path through your home, letting a summer breeze inside, or eating your breakfast outside, French Doors are a design favorite that bring light, air, and style to your home. 

French doors allow plenty of light and can provide your home with a stunning view of the backyard, porch, or patio, adding an enviable touch of elegance to your home. The main problem, however, is the challenge to keep the doors open or partially closed in the case of a strong wind. Nothing feels more frustrating than choosing French Doors for the perfect design feel, only to find that they carelessly blow open or shut in the wind, ruining your peace and potentially causing damage such as a broken door, or worse, broken glass. 

Fortunately, there are ways you can keep your doors secure, without affecting their elegance. Here are ways to keep your French Doors from blowing open in the wind, and do so cheaply. 

Three-point Locking System

The easiest option to keep your patio doors from blowing open is by using a locking system that will lock them in place. One such locking system is the three-point locking system. The three-point locking system has a steel rod running from the door into the ceiling with another steel rod running from the bottom to the floor that will secure the door in place. As its third security point, the system also has a deadbolt to ensure the door will stay in place. All these work together to keep your door secure. With this simple system, you’ll no longer have to worry about the wind opening your patio doors, so choosing and installing French Doors with a three-point locking system is a great way to ensure that there are no unfriendly breezes while enjoying your morning coffee. 

Use a Quality Mortise Lock

Even though a mortise lock is not commonly used, it is still an excellent way to keep the door in place. The mortise lock works by using the opposite door as a pocket for a locking mechanism. This way, there is no way to open the door during use, even if it is pulled harder, a great solution for strong winds (or determined little ones!) The mortise lock is also durable and reliable and will need professional installation. 

Change the Hinges

A patio door that opens inward toward the interior of your home is significantly hard to keep closed. If this is the case with your French Doors, your doors could be blowing open because of loose hinges. This is especially true when the doors haven’t been used for a long time, which can be especially frustrating if you’re planning to protect your home from poor weather, only to find that they won’t stop blowing inward, exposing your home to the elements. Installing a door with new hinges is a reliable solution for these types of doors, preventing them from needlessly blowing open. 

Safety hinges will keep your French door secure and closed. Some hinges have non-renewable pins, which makes it hard to do on your own, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional to install the hinges. 

Use a Double-Cylinder Deadbolt

If you want to keep your doors from blowing open while guaranteeing safety, then you should try a double-cylinder deadbolt. In standard deadbolts, the interior is a lever, and the exterior is side keyed, meaning that burglars trying to gain access into homes can break the glass and turn the lock from the outside. With a double-cylinder deadbolt, it secures the doors sturdily in case of wind, but also guarantees a better deterrent than a deadbolt alone, as it has two locking mechanisms that are both physically secure, and difficult to open. 

Close One Door Permanently

When two functional French Doors are often used at the same time, they are far more likely to blow open in the wind. One solution Rolox recommends is to permanently fix one door shut. This allows easy access through your French Doors, while massively reducing the force of the wind. A trained contractor can secure a French Door that is permanently closed, allowing you to have the best of both worlds when it comes to French Door use and functionality with the same lighting and style appeal. It is done by using bolts and screws to make the door set firmly, promising a good option for both safety and windy or stormy weather.

Use Doorstops

A doorstop is a great option for an easy fix if you’re having trouble with French Doors that blow closed. Door stops can match any style and are a simple solution that can work as long as the wind stream is mild. It is worth noting that door stops can lead to tripping hazards and might be a short-term tip instead of a long-term solution. We love cheap solutions where possible, for honest, frank, and professional advice Rolox can give you a free estimate and tell you whether you can use a quick-fix for your French Doors, and help you should you need something more.

Change the glass

The main feature of French Doors is the glass, which can be a beautiful blessing or a nuisance, depending on the weather. Glass obviously lets the light in, however, it can also let in the heat or the cold and can become a safety hazard in the case of storms and other extreme weather. Keep the doors from blowing open and being at high risk for storm damage when you replace your French Doors glass with impact-resistant glass. Traditional glass can make it easy for burglars to break in and access your home, but impact-resistant glass is stronger and considered significantly safer. It does not break easily but still provides elegance and light for the perfect French Doors. Our professionals can change your doors for impact-resistant glass that’s proven to keep your doors resistant to tough winds, and last.

Keeping French doors from blowing open can be challenging, but there are solutions to help. Rolox Home Services specializes in family and budget-friendly solutions, and are happy to provide information that can help you stay safe and have products that work. When your home calls for a better solution, we also offer financing to make sure you can have your perfect home solution without having to worry. For tips, help for your home project, and free estimates and quotes Contact us today, to say hello to wonderful home improvements. 

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