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Replacement Doors by Rolox Home Service

Why Rolox Home Service?

Rolox Home Service installs replacement doors in a variety of materials, glass styles and finishes from our very own factory in Louisville, KY.  Our team of craftsmen assemble and finish each door to exacting standards, and will create a beautiful entryway for your home.

We’ve put together a select group of features to create an entryway that outperforms other door offerings in beauty, durability, security and energy-efficiency. We offer a full line of decorative glass, hardware, colors and finishes.

Your Rolox Home Service door purchase is the easiest way to create a beautiful entry.  We offer free, no obligation consultations to provide you with professional advice in selecting door material, style, glass, finish, hardware and an accurate measurement for exact fit.

Energy Efficient

We offer entry doors that meet rigid criteria for U-value and solar heat gain.  Our decorative and clear glass is 1″ thick and thermally sealed, providing exceptional insulation while allowing natural light into your home.  Options like eMAX Energy Glass system offers maximum energy efficiency by combining special energy glass with dual Low-E coatings, argon gas fill and warm-edge spacer system.   A solid polyurethane core is five time more energy efficient than wood, and is environmentally safe.


Steel lock reinforcement plate is standard on single doors with wood jambs for added protection against forced entry.  Double doors feature top steel lock reinforcement place on door header for astragal flush bolt.

Appearance & Beauty

We offer a variety of paint and stain finishes, giving you many ways to reflect your own style.  Decorative glass can give your door unique character, such as clear bevels, patterns and grids.  Choose from a wide range of decorative hardware, and add features such as peepsites, knockers, mail slots and kickplates.


Ball-bearing hinges are engineered to eliminate door sagging, and the hinge finish will match your lock hardware.   Adjustable hinge systems are available to provide simple adjustment of the door to compensate for uneven walls, natural shifts in the door frame, and help to ensure a perfect, weather-tight seal.


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1. Choose Your
Door Materials...

Steel entry doors in smooth or woodgrain along with advanced woodgrain fiberglass material with architecturally correct rail and stile proportions.

2. Choose Your
Door Style...

Dozens of different door styles are available in the various glass collections each allowing more or less privacy or light depending on your desires.
From traditional full or half view to ornate eight and nine panel styles with many choices in between, we have a door style to fit your decorating style. Click on Glass Collections to find out which collections feature your favorite door style.

3. Choose Your
Glass Collection...

Beautiful combinations of decorative glass and metal caming with matching sidelites in a variety of designs

4. Choose Your
Door Finish...

A designer palette of paint and stain finishes factory-applied and oven-cured for a beautiful, durable finish.
*Due to possible heat build-up, the entry door warranty is voided if entry door is installed behind any storm door other than a Paragon Storm Door.
C=Clad Jambs available in these colors as part of Paragon Entryway Coordinated Color System, textured finish only.
SD=Storm Doors available in these colors as part of Paragon Entryway Coordinated Color System, gloss finish only.
The Paragon Entryway Coordinated Color system features matching and coordinating colors among Paragon Entry Doors, Paragon Storm Doors and Clad Jambs, but sheens are different. Paragon Entry Doors feature low lustre finish, Paragon Storm Doors feature high gloss finish and Clad Jambs feature textured finish.
NOTE: These color samples may vary slightly from the actual finishes in color or sheen due to the variances in color monitors. Please see your authorized Paragon dealer for an actual sample of the finish.

Please contact Rolox Home Service for a free brochure.

5. Choose Your
Hardware and

Designs and finishes to match your style with accessories to complete your entryway.

Featuring Schlage® Lock Hardware and Accessories
All Paragon entryways feature Schlage® lock hardware and accessories with a lifetime warranty against tarnish and mechanical defects. For more than 90 years, Schlage has built a legacy of providing the highest level of security to homes and businesses. With deadbolts that meet the highest industry standards – Grade 1 security – and the largest bolts available to prevent kick-ins, Schlage products are made to keep you safe.

Schlage® door hardware and accessories feature a lifetime warranty against tarnish and mechanical defects. Grade 1 rated deadbolt offers the best residential security available.

6. Authorized Installers Professionally Install your Entryway

Trained installers will remove your old door and install your new Rolox Home Service door with a perfect fit.

Gardenview® Patio Doors. Replace Sliding Doors.

Your backyard or deck can be easily graced by a stylish, secure Paragon door. Patio doors can be configured as a two door system with one operating door and one fixed door. Three door configurations consist of one operating door and two stationary units. Gardenview® doors are available in a variety of styles and make ideal replacements for sliding glass doors by adding a fresh, attractive appearance.

Gardenview® doors are available in all of the same colors and finishes as entry doors, including smooth steel, woodgrain steel and woodgrain fiberglass.

French Doors. Open For More Access.

French double door units feature two operating doors – one door active and one door passive. The passive door is secured top and bottom with a sliding steel bolt at the top which interlocks with a steel plate located in the header and a sliding steel bolt which locks into the threshold system at the bottom.

French Double Door

Two doors open for increased access.