Why Plastic Composite Decking is Right for Your Home

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With warmer weather on our doorsteps, our minds have shifted outdoors. If you have been dreaming of a backyard oasis, but thought it was beyond reach, think again! The deck of your dreams is well within reach. 

At Rolox, you’ll enjoy our best quality promise, plus the flexibility of financing to bring your project to life! Considering a new deck for your home? Plastic composite decking has many key advantages, and could be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. What are the pros and cons of composite decking? Let’s explore more. 

When we install a new Dekorators plastic composite decking system in your home, you are getting the best product at the best value. 


Why plastic composite decking?

If you’re in the market for a new and improved deck, you’ve likely seen the many wood options. But wood isn’t the only choice you have for a deck. Plastic composite decking can be an ideal choice. Here’s why you should choose plastic composite decking.



Every dollar counts! Among the many benefits of composite decking: it’s durable! Your hard-earned money should not be wasted on a deck that won’t last — or a deck requiring constant repair. High-quality composite plastic is built to withstand the elements, as well as wear and tear.. The protective outer shell ensures no fading or staining. And with plastic composite decking, the future is bright. 

Your investment will never rot, warp, or splinter like traditional wood can! Wood is also at risk for insect damage. But polythene scratch-resistant caps don’t allow penetration, so you won’t stumble on any expensive, pesky, devastation to your new deck and home. Plus, with industry-leading 25-year warranties, you never have to worry! 



Do you have children, grandchildren, or pets? Or perhaps a mobility concern of your own? Then you know how important safety is. Nothing ruins a day like a splinter, a stumble over hardware, or a rough surface on bare feet or little paws. 

Don’t let your deck or porch cause an injury to you or your loved one. Here are some common problems that could cause a failure:


  • rotting or splitting wood framing members
  • loose or missing nails, screws or anchors
  • missing, damaged or loose support beams
  • unstable, shaky handrails or guards
  • corroded connections at deck ledgers and hangers
  • proper type, size and use of connectors
  • perimeter house flashing at the deck or balcony interface
  • height and location of railings


Plastic composite decking can be a safer alternative to rough wood. Unlike traditional wood decking with visible hardware that creates potential dangers, Dekorators’ Stowaway Hidden Fastener System keeps everyone safe. 



Looks matter! If you’re going to invest in a deck, you want one that looks great, matches your home visually and will be attractive to future buyers when it’s time to sell. 

Plastic composite decking is available in a variety of color combinations, grain patterns, and natural hues. Worried about a plastic appearance, or the possibility of a fake look or feel? Don’t be! Your new plastic composite deck will still have the look of wood you love. The rugged, grooved, wood graining looks realistic from afar and up close. Your guests will be impressed and your feet (and bank) will thank you!


Easy maintenance

Your time and your money are valuable! Your deck is an important investment in your home, but you shouldn’t have to stress about ongoing maintenance. Whether you choose to do the wood deck maintenance yourself or hire a professional, that’s extra money or extra time. 

Plastic composite decking, on the other hand, won’t be a drain on your time or your wallet. When you install plastic composite, maintenance is as simple as soap and water for the lifetime of your new deck! Sick of the drudgery of staining or painting wood decks yearly? Don’t waste another minute or another dollar. Let us do the work, and once installed, your life gets easier!


Longer life

At best, a properly-installed and maintained wood deck has a lifetime of 10-15 years. Let that sink in for a moment. That’s a short timeline for such a large investment! And that short lifespan of wood decks points to another one of the benefits of composite decking vs. wood.

When you install a composite deck, you can rest easy because you’re getting your money’s worth. Your new deck is plastic coated and each plank is capped on three sides. What does that mean? With no entry point, moisture will never be an issue. Safe for your pocketbook, safe for your home, safe for your health.  Backed by the industry’s highest guarantees, your investment can last as long as 25 years!  



The long-term benefits of composite decking will often outweigh the cheaper cost of a traditional wood deck. While the initial cost of a plastic composite deck may be slightly higher than that of a wood deck, there’s much more under the surface. Once you factor in the costs for maintenance, re-coloring, re-staining, and repair on a wood deck, a composite deck can offer more long-term savings. If you’re weighing composite vs. wood deck resale value, you’ll find composite to be a great choice.

Planning to stay in your home for a bit? Your deck will last, and because it is low-maintenance and durable, it will withstand wear-and-tear for you to enjoy for many years. Thinking of selling? Today’s buyers know the value and in this competitive housing market, composite decking will make your house stand out. Whether you stay or sell, you can trust that composite decking is a good way to boost your home’s value.


Why choose Rolox for your plastic composite decking


At Rolox, we care. We know installing a new deck is a big choice that you will live with for many years. We believe in forging relationships with customers and are here to meet all of your renovating needs. 

With years of industry experience, our family understands that you work hard for your money, so we hope to earn your trust, not just the job. We understand how important your home is to your family, and whether you decide you need new windows, doors, or siding to accentuate your new deck, or perhaps down the road you need other renovations, we are here for all of your needs.  

Family is at the core of our company, and your family’s satisfaction is our livelihood. When we say, “Your Home is Where our Heart is,” we stand by it. We are there to get the job done until it is done right! Our quality workmanship speaks for itself, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to our valued customers!

Based out of the metro Wichita and Kansas City areas, we will travel within a 2-3 hour radius. Have a dream, but not sure how you can make it happen? Contact us today to talk about financing, and to make your ideas a reality.  


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