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Areas We Serve

High Quality Window Replacement for Kansas City & More

Your home is your most valuable possession and the one you depend on to keep your family sheltered from the elements. If you regularly invest in maintenance and improvements, it will return the favor many times over.  Are you looking for the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price? At Rolox Home Service we offer those aspects and much more.
We’re here to meet your home improvement needs while staying within your budget. We’ll be with you through every step of the process, consistently upholding our commitment to quality and satisfaction. Your home is where OUR heart is, so we offer a broad selection of products and services all designed to exceed your expectations. Contact one of our representatives, and let us help get your next project underway. We’re your source for high quality window replacement, vinyl siding, bathroom remodeling, entry, patio and garage doors, and roofing for Kansas City and the surrounding areas.


Windows have the power to make or break the appearance of your home as well as your degree of energy savings. Rolox Home Service’s expertise and state-of-the-art products come together in our window replacement services, and affordability isn’t left out in the cold. With our Compozit Windows, you’ll get the added benefit of full customization.
Start by choosing the style you want. Then, pick the interior and exterior frame colors, grid patterns, glass type and a range of other options to best suit your home as well as your needs. We offer tempered and low emissivity glass along with your choice of gas fillings for over-the-top thermal performance.


In conjunction with the right roofing materials, siding can help make your home impenetrable to outside forces. The days of scraping, sandblasting and repainting only to have to repeat the process every few years are long gone thanks to advancements in home exteriors. At Rolox Home Service, we offer a variety of siding options, each designed to give you years of enjoyment.
Our home siding alternatives come with high insulative qualities to keep your home cool during summer months and warm in winter months. You’ll find that we have a vast selection of colors, styles and finishes. Although each has the built-in charm of real wood grain, none require the expensive and labor-intensive upkeep of real wood.
New siding gives your home a fresh curb appeal guaranteed to withstand the elements and hold its appearance for years to come. Of course, our installation experience and commitment to quality are part of the package. It’s yet another way of maintaining our long-standing tradition of excellence.


Today’s bathrooms are designed around luxury and comfort. If yours isn’t living up to those standards, Rolox Home Service can update or upgrade your tub or shower in as little as one day. We apply the same levels of care, quality and experience in this area of your home as we do on its exterior. Browse our inventory of tub skirts, shower bases, drop-in and walk-in tubs, and choose just the right colors, finishes, tiles and hardware to create the bathroom of your dreams. We even offer an array of accessories for ultimate convenience.


We also give you free range in designing new doors for your home. Begin by deciding to go with smooth or wood-grain steel or wood-grain fiberglass, and proceed through our selection of styles, glass types, design collections, colors, and hardware. It’s the perfect way to boost your home’s energy efficiency and round out its overall appeal.

Your roof is your primary line of defense against nature’s fury, so the roofing materials you choose are crucial to your home’s longevity and energy efficiency; not to mention, they have a direct impact on appearance and value. Though you’ll find a number of materials on the market, not all are created equal. Opting for the least expensive alternative may be easier on your budget at the moment, but you’ll probably be disappointed in the long run.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs may fall behind asphalt shingles where popularity is concerned, but they’re gaining ground. We bring you the DECRA® roofing system, and it’s light years beyond the cookie-cutter strips of decades past. Stone coated steel is relatively new to the roofing industry with a number of benefits homeowners tend to find attractive.
Weighing in at only 1.5 pounds per square foot, this alternative is light enough to be installed over an existing roof, so even though it’s a more expensive option, you could stand to save money during the installation phase. DECRA® roofing resists winds of up to 120 M.P.H. as well as fading, hail damage, fire and moisture. Offered in an array of colors with styles resembling tiles and shakes, this system keeps the outdoors and all its sounds at bay while holding in your heating and cooling.
Ease of installation, fire resistance, durability, efficiency, lower cost and versatility are all highly sought-after selling points for asphalt shingles. Stone coated steel roofing requires a bit more of an investment, but it’s made to last longer with up to a 50-year warranty. Either option has a way of melding well with virtually any home.

Let us Transform Your Home

From shower updates to complete exterior overhauls, we want to be the go-to home improvement professionals for those in the greater Kansas City and surrounding areas. Our top-of-the-line products and expertise are at your disposal from the moment you enlist our services until long after your project is complete. Call us at 1-800-950-3060 or fill out the form on our website for a free estimate, and let the team at Rolox Home Service put our 40 years of experience to work for you.