Six Things to Consider for Your Bath or Shower Conversion

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Bathroom remodels of any kind require careful planning and attention to detail, especially when they extend beyond simple painting or updating fixtures. Before starting a bath or shower conversion, consider how the remodel will work and what its lasting impact will be on your bathroom and your home overall.

The most common bath conversion is from a combination tub and shower to a spacious walk-in shower, so we’re taking a deeper dive into what to consider before getting started on that project. But these questions are still helpful when considering bathroom remodels of any kind, including converting to a walk-in bathtub!

1. What are your goals for this bathroom remodel?

Let’s start with the big picture. Why are you doing a bathroom remodel? What types of bathroom renovations are you considering? Why is a tub or shower conversion part of the equation? You might be considering a bath or shower conversion for one of these reasons:

  • Improved safety and accessibility
  • To refresh an outdated bathroom
  • Because you prefer taking showers
  • To create more space in your bathroom
  • To prepare your home for selling
  • To save money on your water bill

You may resonate with more than one of these reasons for remodeling, but it’s important to figure out which one is your biggest priority as that may influence what you choose to remodel and how and when you do it. For example, accessibility can be addressed by both a walk-in tub and a tub-to-shower conversion, so which of those options better fits with your other reasons to remodel? And which will create the best situation for your specific accessibility needs?

2. Does your home have at least one bathtub?

Bathtubs are essential selling points for any home, as many home buyers are families who want to have at least one bathtub in the home for their children. If converting your bath to a shower will remove the only tub in your home, consider how this could deter potential buyers if you want to sell your home in the future. On the flip side, a brand-new walk-in shower in a freshly renovated bathroom can be highly attractive to home buyers, especially if you have a second bathroom with a tub.

3. How much plumbing work will be involved in the remodel?

Converting from a bathtub to a shower is usually more work than simply pulling out one and installing the other, especially where plumbing is concerned. The size and location of your current drain may not work for the new shower you’re considering, and moving a drain to a new location may affect the cost and timeline. It’s also a recipe for leaks and flooding if you don’t have the shower conversion done by a professional!

4. Do you have enough space?

While most shower conversions will increase space in your bathroom, a larger shower may take up the same amount of space (or more) as the tub did. Certain shower options will also come with glass doors that open outward, which can be a problem if you have a countertop or toilet near where the door needs to open. In these situations, you might want to opt for a smaller shower or one that uses a curtain or sliding door.

5. How long will the remodel take?

Bathroom remodels take time, and if this is your only bathroom then you need to plan for that! If you try to do the remodel yourself, it will take much longer than hiring a professional who has done countless bath or shower conversions.

In terms of the actual conversion process separate from a full-scale remodel, our team at Rolox Home Service can completely replace your existing bathtub with a beautiful new shower in as little as a day! You read that right: One day!

6. Have you hired professionals to do it right?

It may be tempting to take a DIY approach to bathroom remodeling, and this isn’t completely unreasonable for many components of a bathroom remodel. Painting, swapping out light fixtures, and even changing out hardware can all be done without professional help, but when you start getting into large-scale renovations, it’s time to bring in the experts.

At Rolox Home Service, our professional and experienced installers carefully measure and prepare your bathroom using specialized equipment to guarantee a perfect fit. With a wide range of materials available to choose from and high attention to detail, all you have to do is share your vision with us and we will bring it to life for your bathroom remodel!

Ready to start another renovation project with your favorite home improvement team? Contact us today and tell us about your dream bathroom remodel!

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