Small Bathroom Remodeling: Maximizing Space and Functionality

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When you have a small bathroom, you understand the importance of making every bit of space count! Small bathrooms can sometimes feel cluttered and impractical. When your bathroom begins to feel cramped, it becomes a place to be avoided rather than a comfortable room to get ready for the day or relax at the end of a long week. But there are many great solutions to make even the smallest bathrooms work for you and your lifestyle! Considering remodeling your bathroom? This is your guide to functional bathroom design for small spaces!

Benefits of Small Bathroom Remodeling

You may view a small bathroom negatively, assuming there’s just not enough space to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing. But this is exactly why small bathrooms are worth remodeling! By revisiting your small bathroom’s design and reworking it in a more functional way that optimizes the space, you’ll create a more efficient bathroom layout, making it more likely you’ll use that bathroom rather than avoiding it like the plague.

Easy Small Bathroom Tips for Functional Design

To make for a more functional bathroom design when you have minimal space to work with, every choice you make matters! Here are a few compact bathroom solutions to help you make decisions that maximize your space rather than cluttering it.

1. Keep Colors Light and Bright

The color palette of your small bathroom can help make the space feel larger, even if it’s actually rather tight quarters. Lighter colors like whites and pastels will help the space feel more open and airy, so incorporating these colors into the walls, countertops, and flooring will help your small bathroom feel spacious.

2. Balance Your Lighting

Lighting is another handy way to make small spaces feel bigger, especially if your bathroom has little to no natural lighting. You’ll want to use bright lighting to make tasks like applying makeup and doing your hair easier while also partnering with those light colors to brighten the whole space. Upgrade your wall sconces or pendant lights to improve the lighting situation rather than using anything that will take up floor or counter space.

3. Make Every Material Count

Every material you use should be chosen with intentionality. Using high-quality materials that are durable and aesthetically pleasing will make even the tiniest bathroom feel luxurious and inviting! While a minimalist bathroom design will keep the small space feeling open, you can add some character and texture with unique faucets or countertops.

4. Get Creative with Bathroom Storage

A remodel is a great time to get creative about bathroom storage! First, remember the power of vertical space. Using vertical space is a great space-saving idea that can also add height to your compact bathroom, using tall cabinets or shelving units to turn walls into storage space. Open shelving can also help maximize storage and add to the open, spacious feel.

Best Bathroom Fixtures for Small Spaces

A simple swap of fixtures and furnishings can go a long way when undergoing a small bathroom renovation. Try one of these bathroom fixtures to make your small space feel large and luxurious:

Pedestal or Corner Sinks

Pedestal sinks are the classic choice for small bathrooms. They’re aesthetically pleasing and take up very little space. However, this sink style also removes under-sink storage, which can be problematic. Cabinetry above the sink can solve this problem, or you can opt for a more unique approach to small bathroom sinks: a corner sink! This approach takes advantage of underutilized space in your bathroom and opens up more walking space in the bathroom.

Corner Shower

Drawing inspiration from the corner sink, a corner shower is also a great way to embrace the space you have in a small bathroom! Converting your combination tub/shower into a large walk-in shower is a great way to upgrade your bathroom and make the whole space feel more open. A bathtub conversion is one of the best ways to turn a small bathroom into a luxurious guest space!

Pocket Door

Swinging doors can make tight spaces feel even more constrained, so we recommend installing a pocket door instead to avoid difficulties with those already cramped areas in your home. You can even try a trendy industrial look with exposed hardware and a rustic sliding door that sits outside of the frame!

Large Mirrors

Mirrors are great for adding depth and making small spaces feel bigger, so don’t be shy about hanging large mirrors over your bathroom sink!

Towel Hooks

Towel rods take up a lot of space on bathroom walls. Instead of using outdated towel hangers that use prime real estate in your small bathroom, use towel hooks to add character and free up wall space. 

Rolox Can Help with Your Small Bathroom Remodeling Process!

If you’re looking to remodel your small bathroom in Kansas or Missouri, Rolox Home Service is here to help! Contact us to request a quote and learn more about our bathroom remodeling services.

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