Three Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

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Most homeowners have a laundry list of home improvement projects they’d love to complete. Whether it’s planting a new rose bush, installing a better dryer, or replacing faded curtains, feeling the need to continuously improve your home’s value is a common experience!

However, when it comes to larger home improvement projects, it’s important to consider which options will positively impact your home’s overall value. Keep in mind that “value” can translate directly into the eventual monetary value of your home, but it can also describe improved home security, more efficient energy use, or increased curb appeal. 

When deciding which type of home improvement project you want to tackle first, look into what return on investment (ROI) you’re likely to see. ROI describes how much value will be added to your home in return for the upfront investment of completing a given project. Which home improvement projects will result in the best ROI and leave a lasting impact on your home’s value? 


Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows is one home improvement that comes with numerous benefits. First and foremost, you can expect up to a 79% return on your initial investment. Historically, window replacements actually maintain one of the highest ROIs in the industry! New windows can also significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. By improving window insulation and fixing any existing drafts, you’ll be able to potentially reduce your home’s energy bills — and overall carbon footprint — for years to come! 

The average window replacement can take as few as four days to complete, adding an external improvement that’s almost immediately visible to passersby. Additionally, today’s window replacement options offer better home security, an increase in natural light (without harmful UV rays!), and stronger protection against Midwestern weather. It’s a win-win!


Install New Siding 

Similar to a window replacement, installing new siding will almost immediately improve your home’s overall appearance and curb appeal. (This is especially true if your home’s existing siding has any storm damage!) 

Fiber-cement siding offers the best longevity compared to other siding materials, and requires very little maintenance over time. This type of siding ultimately allows homeowners to save money in the long run for both upkeep costs and their next siding replacement. If you choose fiber-cement siding, you can expect to recoup around 84% of your initial siding investment if you sell your home in the future. 

Vinyl siding is nearly as popular as its fiber-cement counterpart because it also requires minimal upkeep at a much lower upfront cost. Especially if you’re concerned about energy efficiency in your home, you can choose an insulated vinyl siding, which will add an additional layer of thermal resistance to your home. With vinyl siding, you can potentially recoup up to 81% of your initial investment. 


Install New Sliding Doors 

In addition to improving your home’s curb appeal, new sliding doors can also improve your home’s functionality. This particular feature is increasingly popular with home buyers because it requires only a few hours of installation and comes with a consistent ROI, making it a useful home improvement project if you’re focused on reselling! 

With newly installed doors, you’re also able to reduce the likelihood of developing a draft or lowering your home’s energy efficiency because the available products are very environmentally conscious. A professional installation will bring you the best possible results!


Choosing Which Project is Right for You  

Even with a list narrowed down to three high-ROI options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best next steps for your goals. These reflection questions can help you make a better-informed decision: 


  1. What’s your timeline? If these are improvements you want to enjoy immediately, or if you’re looking to put your house on the market soon, you may want to get started right away. 
  2. What’s popular in your area? When potential home buyers are considering your community, they may begin expecting a certain type of siding or a style of window, so if selling is at the top of your priority list, it’s probably worthwhile to take this into account. 
  3. Do it yourself or find a professional? DIY can work for some smaller things, but large home projects call for professionals. This guarantees the work will be done right the first time. 


If you’re ready to partner with a professional team, or if you’re still choosing which project to start with, the Rolox Home Service team is ready to help! We’re here to help with home improvements that can lead to a higher property value, increased energy efficiency, a more functional home, and improved curb appeal — and we want to ensure your goals are achieved. 

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