Vinyl Siding Color Trends for 2023

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One of the most popular ways to give the exterior of your home a fresh look is by replacing the siding with a brand-new color. There are hundreds of color options available for vinyl siding, which can make your decision of what to replace your siding with overwhelming! So we’ve broken down the many color choices into a few color trends for 2023 to help you select the right style for your home. Let’s take a look at the vinyl siding color trends for 2023.


Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Siding

First, why should you replace your siding? There are many reasons to replace your current siding, especially if you want to upgrade to vinyl replacement siding. If your siding shows signs of wear and tear or is simply very old, here are a few benefits to replacing your siding:


  • Protect your home from water damage and pests
  • Boost your home’s curb appeal
  • Save you money on utility bills
  • Keep you warm in the chilly winter months


Vinyl siding has the added benefits of being extremely low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and speedy to install. In addition to the practical benefits, vinyl siding comes in various colors, textures, and styles to accommodate every homeowner’s aesthetic preference. 


Our 5 Favorite Vinyl Siding Color Trends for 2023

Choosing a color out of the thousands of vinyl siding colors available to homeowners is a tedious task — So we did it for you! Here are the most trendy (and timeless!) options for every style type.

Simple and Modern: White or Off-White

Let’s start with the basics. Since 34% of homeowners say they would choose off-white or white if they were replacing their siding in 2023, this is clearly a timeless vinyl siding color. You can’t go wrong! White is a beloved siding color for traditional home styles like Victorian or Colonial, but it’s also growing in popularity for contemporary styles when paired with wood or stone elements.

To give this light-colored siding a modern twist, paint your trim, doors, and window frames in a bold, dark color like green, dark blue, or even black for the added “wow” factor.

For the Craftsman Home: Warm Neutrals

There is a lot of variety for vinyl siding colors when it comes to warm neutrals, from lighter tones like taupe and linen to moodier colors like brown or mocha. These colors give your home a natural, cozy look without actually having the appearance of natural wood. 

Warm neutrals are especially growing in popularity as a vinyl siding color for Craftsman homes, as these inviting tones pair beautifully with the unique architecture.

A New Twist on a Classic: Blue is the New Gray

While shades of gray remain a popular choice for vinyl siding colors, these cooler tones are trending darker and bluer for 2023. Most popular among these blue-grays? The flagstone shade!

Flagstone is an appealing pale blue-gray shade that looks gorgeous on both Midwestern and coastal-style homes, especially when paired with bright white trim! This showstopping combination is a really fun way to make your Farmhouse style home look a little less “on-the-farm” and a lot more modern and on-trend.

For the Farm: Rustic Red

Bold colors are making a comeback, and red is chief among them! This vinyl siding color has always been a popular choice for barns and farmhouses, but it can make a statement on any exterior style for those looking for a more rustic look. Red vinyl siding is stunning when paired with warm brick accents since colorful siding can bring out the character of the brick.

Although it’s typically known to be a desirable choice among rustic style homes, even modern homeowners are jumping on the rustic red trend recently. If you want to make a bold choice for your vinyl siding color, this may be the perfect option for you

Natural Wood Siding: But Make It Vinyl

Prefer a much more natural look than a paint color can provide? The trendy natural wood look remains strong in 2023, but homeowners are hesitant to choose actual wood siding that requires significantly more maintenance and care than vinyl.

What if we told you that you don’t have to choose? In addition to a large selection of vinyl siding colors, Rolox Home Service offers vinyl siding that perfectly imitates the look of wood. With this wood-like vinyl siding, you can enjoy the energy efficiency and low-maintenance perks of vinyl with all the charm of real wood siding. That’s what we call a win-win!

Ready to Replace Your Vinyl Siding?

Whether your siding is looking a little worse for wear, or you are desperate to level up your curb appeal, Rolox Home Service is here to enhance the charming character of your home! If you’re looking for exterior renovations in the Kansas City or Wichita area, contact Rolox Home Service for an in-home consultation!

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