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Walk-in tubs by Rolox Home Service, LLC

The bathroom that you need

That old, out-dated and worn-out bathroom is getting harder to clean.  But, you might be putting off remodeling for any number of reasons.  Well, delay no more because at Rolox Home Service, LLC we take the hassle out of bathroom remodeling.  We’ll provide a clean, new, highly-functional bathroom without hassle or stress.   We have a proven track record of satisfied customers, competitive pricing and beautiful bathrooms.


Bathrooms can be the most dangerous room in the house – especially for senior citizens.  Consider these facts:

  • Over 70% of home accidents happen in the bathroom
  • Over 75% of slip-fall deaths occur to people 65 years or older
  • One third of the slip-fall accidents to seniors results in serious injury taking away their mobility and independence

Redesigning your bathroom can be the single most effective way to reduce the possibility of serious accidents in your home.  We can make your life easier and safer with bathroom products designed for comfort, safety and independence such as a walk-in tub.

Walk-in tubs by Hydro Dimensions

Hydro Dimensions offers 9 gel-coat fiberglass walk-in tub models. Every model comes standard with many safety features including; a walk-in (or step in) entry door, safety grab bar, built-in seat, easy-to-use and reach polished chrome faucet with hand-held shower, and a non-slip floor.  Hydro Dimensions’ gel-coat fiberglass walk-in bathtubs also come with different hydrotherapy options including; Custom Hydro Massage System (otherwise known as a Whirlpool System), Air Massage System, and Dual Massage System. By choosing different options, every homeowner can tailor a walk-in tub to suit their needs.

Free estimates

We provide free, no obligation estimates.  Our people will spend time with you to understand your vision, then we will provide you with an accurate estimate with no hidden fees.  Let us show you just how easy it is to get a new bath or shower installed in your home.

Lifetime Warranty

Hydro Dimensions tubs include a Lifetime Warranty which covers;

  • Bathtub shell, frame & finish
  • Door seal
  • Supporting equipment
  • Motors & electronic controls
  • Faucet, waste & overflow

Choosing your walk-in tub

We offer 16 gel-coat fiberglass walk-in tubs to choose from.  The HD Series models are the most commons sizes, and the HD Speciality Series models include larger sizes and an outward swinging door.

Every model comes standard with numerous safety features;

  • High capacity faucet
  • Premium handheld shower
  • Angled grab bars
  • Low-entry 17″ high seat
  • Contoured door latch
  • Certified door drain
  • Tile flange water barrier
  • Extension panel

Next, choose from a variety of hydrotherapy options;

  • Deep soak hydrotherapy
  • Dual massage therapy
  • Hydro massage therapy
  • Dual jetted massage therapy
  • Air massage therapy
  • Dual jetted air massage therapy

Finally, choose other available upgrades such as;

  • Safe-T Drain™
  • Custom jet placement
  • Heated backrest
  • UV sanitization
  • Ozone sanitization
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromatherapy

By choosing different options, every customer can custom tailor a premiere walk-in tub to suit their needs.  Give us a call at 800-950-3060, or enter your contact information in the form on the right of this page and we’ll contact you.

HD Series

HD Specialty Series

The HD Specialty Series models are designed for those with limited mobility who require an outward swinging door, those who require a larger bathing area, or those who simply wish to enjoy a deeper soaking experience.

Standard Features

High Capacity Faucet

The standard five piece high capacity faucet is capable of filling your walk in tub in 4-6 minutes, with up to 18 gallons per minute at 60 psi. Every faucet set is backed by a lifetime factory warranty. Each faucet also includes an extendable hand shower that is mounted on the deck of the tub. (Also available in upgraded color packages).



Premium Handheld Shower

Every walk in tub features a premium hand held shower wand. An optional slider bar is available to convert your hand held shower head into an adjustable, wall mounted shower fixture.



Angled Grab Bars

Every walk in bathtub includes a grab bar, with the option to add additional grab bars, which give the bather increased stability and safety while maneuvering inside the tub. *Available on most models



Low-entry 17″ High Seat

Proper seat height is critical for your safety and comfort, enabling you to comfortably stand from a sitting position. Our 17″ high seat meets ADA requirements, and 0ther low entry threshold allows you to enter the tub without having to excessively lift your feet to get into your walk in tub, thus reducing the risk of falling.


Contoured Door Latch

The contoured door latch is ergonomically designed so you can operate the door handle with minimal effort.



Certified Door Drain

Not only are door drains a requirement for federal certifications, they also collect water that may collect when the door is opened or while you are exiting the tub.



Tile Flange Water Barrier

As part of our commitment to safety and quality, our walk-in bathtubs incorporate a tile flange to prevent water from seeping behind the tub when it is properly installed.



Extension Panel

For applications where you are replacing standard 60″ tub with a new walk-in bathtub, Hydro Dimensions includes a filler panel to complete that finished look.




Therapy Systems

Hydro Dimensions’ walk-in tubs are available with a variety of high-quality therapy systems.

Deep Soak Hydrotherapy

Deep Soak hydrotherapy is the way in which water, by simply submerging yourself in it, can help heal the body, mind and spirit.  Soaking in a warm or hot bath can provide detoxification, stress-relief, and increased circulation, among other benefits. Deep Soaking can also help with many health ailments such as insomnia and arthritis. Our walk-in tubs can also be used for cold soaking therapy as well. Always consult a physician prior to beginning any therapeutic regiments.


Hydro Massage Therapy

Soaking in the tub has many health benefits, and adding Hydro Massage Jets gives you even more. The warm and powerful individual streams of water are easily adjustable to customize your bathing experience with either low or high water pressure. Hydro Massage Jets are placed strategically around the bathtub to give a thorough and vigorous massage right where it is needed. Perfect for those who prefer a more vigorous massage, this deep tissue massage relaxes the muscles from everyday tension and helps eliminate toxins such as lactic acid. (Not recommended for those prone to bruising or contusions).


Air Massage Therapy

An Air Massage System makes bathing more enjoyable by adding a soft tissue massage to your bath, as a blower gently pushes warm air through multiple jets spread throughout the bathtub for the most calming and healing effect. Theses warm bubbles soothe the body while stimulating the production of natural analgesic hormones known as endorphins. The variable speed blower makes it completely adjustable to the bathers’ individual needs, producing either a gentle caressing flow of bubbles or a more powerful stream that is still gentle on the skin. This soft tissue massage is a great choice for those who may be prone to bruising.


Dual Massage Therapy

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Hydro Dimensions’ Dual Massage Therapy System. This system combines Hydro Massage Therapy and Air Massage Therapy into one packages. Leave the day’s stress behind while enjoying the benefits of selecting either a Deep Tissue Hydro Massage, Soft Tissue Air Massage, or enjoy both with the Dual Massage function. The choice can now be yours.



Dual Jetted Massage Therapy

Dual Jetted Massage Therapy System combines two (2) independent Hydro (water jet) Systems featuring a total of 15 water jets. As the bather you have the option to run both systems together or just the footwell of the tub if you only wish to massage your lower extremities without having to fill the entire bath tub.



Dual Jetted Air Massage Therapy

Dual Jetted Air Massage Therapy System combines the two (2) independent Hydro (water jet) Systems featuring a total of 15 water jets of the Dual Jetted Massage System with the features of a standard Air Massage System. As the bather you have the option to run all three systems together, independently, or just the footwell of the tub if you only wish to massage your lower extremities without having to fill the entire bath tub.


Upgrades & Options

Safe-T Drain™

The Safe-T Drain is a high-speed drain capable of draining your tub in up to 85 seconds.  Best of all, it is fully certified and meets all plumbing codes. Don’t be taken advantage of by other non-certified drains.


Massage Therapy

From a soft tissue Air Massage, to deep tissue Hydro Massage, and the all encompassing Dual Massage, we build each Massage Therapy System to order, creating a true in-home spa experience.


Custom Jet Placement

We can place water jets just about anywhere that you like. Our team will help you design your Hydro or Dual Massage system with up to 12 water jets located exactly where you need them.




Heated Backrest

The HD Comfort Warm System gently heats up to wrap you in warmth before, during, and after your bathing experience.

UV Sanitization

Medical grade Ultraviolet (UV) light kills bacteria, viruses, algae, mold, yeasts, and disease causing microorganisms.

Ozone Sanitization

Created from the air we breathe, Ozone is a powerful sanitizer known to kill disease-causing micro-organisms. This air systems sanitizer leaves no harmful by-products and quickly converts back to oxygen.





Imagine the scent of a tropical rain forest or lavender flowers as you enjoy your in-home spa.  Aroma Therapy enhances your bathing experience by involving your sense of smell.  As air is drawn into the air system it passes through the Aroma Therapy System and gently diffuses the smell through the water, enveloping you in your favorite scents.




Light Therapy has been shown to reduce stress through the use of gentle lighting effects within the water. With over 20 colors to choose from, you can choose one color or have the LED system gently cycle through the spectrum of colors.




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