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That old, out-dated and worn-out bathroom is getting harder to clean.  But, you might be putting off remodeling for any number of reasons.  Well, delay no more because at Rolox Home Service we take the hassle out of bathroom remodeling.  We’ll provide a clean, new, highly-functional bathroom without hassle or stress.   Rolox Home Service has a proven track record of satisfied customers, competitive pricing and beautiful bathrooms.

Walk-in tub

Hydro Dimensions offers 9 gel-coat fiberglass walk-in tub models. Every model comes standard with many safety features: a walk in (or step in) entry door, safety grab bar, built in seat, easy-to-use and reach polished chrome faucet with hand-held shower, and a non-slip floor. Hydro Dimensions’ gel-coat fiberglass walk-in bathtubs also come with different hydrotherapy options: The Custom Hydro Massage System (otherwise known as a Whirlpool System); The Air Massage System; and The Dual Massage System. By choosing different options, every customer can tailor their walk in bath to suit their needs.


Bathrooms can be the most dangerous room in the house – especially for senior citizens.  Consider these facts:

  • Over 70% of home accidents happen in the bathroom
  • Over 75% of slip-fall deaths occur to people 65 years or older
  • One third of the slip-fall accidents to seniors results in serious injury taking away their mobility and independence

Redesigning your bathroom area can be the single most effective way to reduce the possibility of serious accidents in your home.  We can make your life easier and safer with bathroom products designed for comfort, safety and independence such as a walk-in tub.

Free estimates

We provide free, no obligation estimates.  Our people will spend time with you to understand your vision, and will provide you with an accurate estimate with no hidden fees.  Let us show you just how easy it is to get a new bath or shower installed in your home.


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