Can I Have Multiple Window Styles in My Home?

When it comes to researching replacement windows for your home, many homeowners wonder if it’s okay to mix up window styles or if they should use a single, unified style throughout their home. The concern is that mixing window styles may look messy, whereas most homeowners lean toward a symmetrical, clean look. 

Let’s explore: Should homeowners mix window styles in their homes, or is better to keep things traditional?

Can I Mix Window Styles?

While symmetry can look nice, it can also be uninteresting. Mixing window styles is a great way to add character and interest to your home, and may even increase curb appeal if executed properly!

Mixing window styles opens up many possibilities for your home, allowing you to think about each window and how you want it to function and look both inside the home and on the exterior. You can even use mixing window styles to save money by only purchasing a few intentionally placed architectural windows while keeping the rest more standard and functional.


5 Tips for Picking the Right Window Styles

Of course, mixing window styles can be tricky business and end up leaving your home looking very mismatched if not done correctly. To help you pick window styles that complement each other and create a cohesive look for your home, here are five tips to follow:

1. Consider Your Home’s Style

Matching window styles with the architectural design of your home will help bring the entire look together, even with mixing and matching window styles. If you have a classic, traditional home design like Colonial, Victorian, or Cape Cod, classic double-hung windows are the best look for the majority of your windows. More modern homes like Contemporary or Midcentury Modern look best with casement windows due to their sleek, clean lines.


Once you decide what style the majority of your windows will be, you can consider different locations where a unique type of window, like a bay window, would add a nice splash of character while still matching the overall look of your home.

2. Think About Window Functionality

Considering each window individually, you should think about the functional needs of every window and its specific location. Think about how much natural light you want in the specific room and how much space you want the window to take up on the exterior of your home.


For windows on the second floor, you might also want to consider ease of cleaning. Double-hung windows can be tilted in for easier access to clean, making them ideal for windows in difficult-to-reach locations like up on higher floors.

3. Bring It Together with Design

Even if you use different window types in different areas of your home, you can bring them together by matching the trim, paint, and window materials. By matching these design elements, your windows will feel less disjointed and look like they belong together, even when they differ in window style.


For example, if you have a very modern home but want the easy functionality of double-hung windows on the top floor, you can still use casement windows on the base floor and match the trim, paint, and materials to bring the floors together.

4. Check HOA Guidelines

Before committing to changing the type of windows on your home, take a look at your HOA guidelines to make sure you’re in compliance with any requirements or restrictions. Some HOAs have very minimal rules about exterior design, but others may be more strict regarding what windows you may use to keep the neighborhood cohesive throughout.


If your HOA does restrict window designs on the front of your home, you may still be able to get creative on the sides and back!

5. Choose the Right Window Installer

Ensuring your window styles all look beautiful together is easiest if you work with an expert window installer who can cater to all of your design needs! Bringing you windows from the same manufacturer and using the same materials is simple when you only shop one window catalog, and your replacement window company will be able to recommend styles that work well together based on their professional experience.


Rolox Has All the Window Styles You Need!

At Rolox Home Service, we have an extensive selection of window styles available to meet every preference and need. Since no two homes are identical, you shouldn’t have to follow a cookie-cutter approach to replacing your windows! We’ll work closely with you to create a beautiful new look for your home using custom window designs built just for you.

If you’re interested in taking a creative approach to replacing your windows, contact us at Rolox Home Service to get a free quote!

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