Have You Considered a Bay Window for Your Home?

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Unique windows are a beautiful way to add curb appeal to your home, plus lots of character and natural light indoors! The right window can completely transform your home, making it more pleasant and appealing to potential buyers. New replacement windows with excellent energy efficiency matter, but so does the impact of a lovely aesthetic appearance.

If you’re putting some work into a fixer-upper you just purchased, building your forever home from scratch, or giving your house a structural makeover, you might consider adding a bay window to your renovation!


What is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are a popular choice for adding a statement piece to your home. They are most popular in living and dining rooms, but can be great for bedrooms if you want to add a comfortable nook. These three-sectioned windows bow outward to add more square footage to your home and can be a stunning focal point for your entertaining spaces.

Bay windows are one of the most popular types of windows for homes in Kansas City and Wichita — Rolox customers can’t get enough of the stunning natural light they provide!


Benefits of Bay Windows

Beyond their gorgeous appearance and unique character, bay windows have a lot of practical and aesthetic benefits. Here are five reasons you just might fall in love with the bay window in your home:


More Natural Light

When thinking about new windows (especially a type larger than your current ones), you’ve probably got one major goal: natural light. Because of their large size and bowed shape, bay windows bring a ton of natural light into your home.


Extended Interior Space

Looking for a way to maximize the space in your home? A bay window literally adds square footage to your interior, which also means a nice little boost to your property value! This extra space can be a window seat for decorating or a cozy book nook, but it can also be more floor space if you opt for floor-to-ceiling bay windows (hello again, natural light).

If the space you’re working with is smaller (like the window above the kitchen sink), this still can create more space for your more aesthetically pleasing kitchen wares or act as a nice sunny place for your house plants to thrive.


Increase the Value of Your Home

Statement windows are eye-catching for home buyers, who are always looking for unique features that give a home character and charm. If you’re planning to sell now or in the future, a bay window is a worthwhile investment!


Warm in Winter, Breezy in Summer

Added natural light can help heat your home in cold winter months. While this can mean your air conditioner has to work a bit harder in summer, bay windows are great for ventilation, creating a cross-breeze due to their bowed-out angle. A swift breeze will guide the cool air and let the A/C take the day off on milder summer days.

Bay replacement windows can even save you money if they’re energy efficient, so pay attention to those Energy Star ratings! At Rolox, our windows exceed Energy Star standards, guaranteeing a beautiful bay window that properly insulates and manages your interior temperature.


Highly Customizable

Everyone has their own taste and preferences when it comes to windows, and bay windows are no different. Bay windows aren’t your run-of-the-mill, basic single-hung window. When you decide to have a bay window installed, you get to choose the angles, height, and shelf depth (if you even want to install a shelf), for a fully custom layout for your dream bay window.


Interested in Bay Windows?

Now that you know why homeowners, home buyers, and your energy bill all love bay windows, it’s time to start thinking about incorporating one into your home! Our team would love to help you create an original bay window design for your chosen space. We offer excellent window replacement financing options to help you get what you want right away, without shirking on the details.

Learn more about our replacement windows and contact Rolox Home Service to schedule your free consultation!

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