Does the Trim of My Windows Match My Home?

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Giving your home a beautiful curb appeal revolves a lot around the windows. Having high-quality, beautiful replacement windows instantly gives your home’s value a boost and makes the entire exterior and interior look more sleek and elevated! But giving your windows a refresh doesn’t stop there.

When you replace your windows, you also need to replace your trim, making it the perfect opportunity to make sure your trim matches the style you want your home to have.

Why Does Window Trim Matter?

Window trim does more than just make your home look nice (although that’s important too). It also covers up the space between your windows and siding, adding an extra layer of protection. Still, from a homeowner’s perspective, the best feature of window trim is the added personality and charm it can give your home.

With so many colors, styles, and trim finishes available for vinyl windows, how do you ensure your trim matches your home? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Interior vs. Exterior Window Trim: What’s the Difference?

Interior and exterior window trim serve the same functional purpose, though exterior trim must be more sturdy and waterproof to withstand the elements. These trims also do not need to match in style or color, although if you’re looking to match the outside appearance of your home to your interior style,  this can add some cohesion to your overall aesthetic.

How to Select Interior Window Trim

When matching your exterior trim to your interior design, consider how the different trim options can blend with existing elements while adding more character and style. Try these tips for selecting the best window trim for your home’s interior:

1. Keep It Cohesive

Start by looking at the molding, baseboard trim, and other design details your home already has (unless you plan to replace or change these too, think about what changes you want to make). For instance, if your home has very elegant crown molding, you can reflect the same detail in the window trim you choose.

2. Match Your Home’s Style

From Victorian to contemporary, the style of home you live in sets the stage for all the additional design elements! For example, a Craftsman home generally looks best with Craftsman-style window trim with simple lines and even thickness. Colonial window trim is more ridged and suited to a classic design aesthetic.

3. Match Your Personal Style

Beyond finding cohesion with your home’s current design, consider your own personal style! Are you a minimalist with clean, modern, sleek decor? Or do you like a cozy and full home with a lot of color and activity? If you like to keep things simple, you may want discreet, low-profile trim that lays flat against interior walls. For a more decorative look, high-profile trim can give your home a “wow” factor with trim that reflects the look of traditional wood moldings.

4. Think About Colors

Simple white window trim is the easiest to match with any design aesthetic, but it can be a missed opportunity to give your home a more unique look. You can also match your trim color to your walls, furniture, and decor or choose a complementary color for more contrast.

How to Select Exterior Window Trim

Your exterior window trim (or casing) may be more functionally important than interior trim, but it’s still a chance to create some really stunning curb appeal! Your exterior trim can be chosen to match the windows themselves, or you can go with a different style for more layering and dynamics. Window casings are a prime opportunity to create contrast on your home’s exterior. Let’s dive into a few ideas for getting the most out of your choice of exterior trim.

Keep It Simple

If your home already has a lot going on — flourishing gardens, bold colors, stand-out design details — then something more low-profile may be the best move for your casings. For example, if you have a vibrant siding color like red or deep blue, white trim is a great choice!

Make a Statement

If your home is simple, without many vibrant colors or structural elements, then your exterior window trim is a perfect opportunity to add some pizzazz! Choose a trim with either a bold contrasting color or an intricate design to create eye-catching interest.

Follow the Trends

While not every trend is for every home, they can give you some excellent inspiration for deciding on the direction for your design. Check out these popular window trends in 2023 and see if anything speaks to you!

Replace Your Windows and Trim with Rolox!

Whether you’re replacing your windows entirely or just looking for a trim refresh, Rolox Home Service has a wide range of styles for you to choose from! Take a look at our window brochure, and contact us to learn more about how we can bring new life and personality to your home.

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