Modern Custom Home Siding Trends of 2024

As your local purveyor of beautiful vinyl siding in and around Kansas City, we’re constantly keeping up with the latest home siding trends. Why? At Rolox, it’s our job to provide you with the greatest variety of custom options so you’re well-informed when it comes time to refresh your home’s exterior!


While following trends isn’t necessary and taking creative license with your home’s exterior as much as your HOA will allow is always an option, knowing what other homeowners are considering for 2024 can make it easier for you to choose the right replacement siding to fit your aesthetic and withstand the test of time.


What Siding Colors Are Trending in 2024?

Before we get into the unique custom siding design trends for 2024, let’s take a look at what homeowners have voted the best siding colors! While trendy colors can be fun for a season, this year has found a lot of homes shifting back toward a preference for timeless neutrals. According to Harris Poll, here are the five siding colors most voted on by homeowners:


  • Off-white or cream
  • Light gray
  • White
  • Light brown
  • Medium blue


With neutrals claiming first prize in siding colors, the trends that give homes a fresh, modern look have shifted into creative textures and shapes that can be created using different materials or siding layouts.


Four Modern Custom Home Siding Trends to Try in 2024

From materials to colors to design, siding is an excellent way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Your current siding may be relatively new and only need a fresh coat of paint, or it could be in disrepair and require complete replacement. You might even just be remodeling your home and looking to make a statement!


Whatever your reason for considering replacement siding, here are four 2024 home siding trends you don’t want to miss:

1. Creative Accents

Creativity is the name of the game for modern homes seeking a customized look. One up-and-coming trend homeowners are loving is vertical siding as an accent below the roof or around the windows. This style creates a stunning contrast against the traditional horizontal siding. Even all-over vertical siding can look incredible on certain modern home styles for those who really want to stand out in their neighborhood.


Vertical siding isn’t the only twist homeowners are trying for siding accents in 2024. Other creative cladding ideas include shiplap, metallic accents, and even bringing the siding into the interior for a bold, attention-grabbing entryway!

2. High-Contrast Color Scheme

Contrasting colors have made the trends list many years in a row, making it more of a staple design choice than an actual trend. Dark trim or black window frames against white or off-white siding adds lovely drama to any style of home, and some homeowners are even experimenting with the reverse: white trim against dark blue, gray, or black siding! Here are a few other contrasting options you might consider for your siding and trim:


  • Blue siding with white trim
  • Green siding with white trim
  • Red siding with beige trim
  • Beige siding with blue-gray trim


If you want to be even more creative, try experimenting with three colors: one for siding, one for window trim, and one for window shutters! If you keep these colors all neutral (i.e. gray siding, white trim, black shutters), the results are crisp and lovely.

3. Eco-Friendly Updates

Now more than ever, homeowners everywhere care about doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint. This focus on caring for the environment has made the search for eco-friendly siding a popular trend for homeowners, and one of the best ways to test siding for environmental impact is through its energy efficiency.


Brand new vinyl siding has a fantastic ROI (return on investment) for homeowners because of how it can significantly reduce energy bills, making new siding a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption.

4. Unique Textures

While incorporating unique textures with your siding is often accomplished through the use of different materials like fiber cement, it can also be replicated with more affordable and energy-efficient options like vinyl siding. Vinyl is a maintenance-free material that can imitate virtually any wood or stone siding look, so you can have a trendy texture without the high price point or costly upkeep.


Trendy or Traditional — Rolox Has What You Need!

Every homeowner has their own unique style, plus a varying set of rules governing what they can or can’t do with their home’s exterior. Whether you want to make a statement or refresh a classic look to boost energy efficiency, Rolox Home Service has beautiful custom vinyl siding to match any trend or popular style. Contact us today for a free quote!

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