Refresh Your Home with Black Window Frames

Whether you’re looking into replacement vinyl windows or simply want to give your Kansas City home a boost in curb appeal, black window frames are a great way to do it! If the idea of black window frames intrigues you, here is why you should take the leap, and how to make sure your black frames withstand the test of time.s to refresh your home’s exterior, black window frames are a great way to make a statement without getting stuck in an outdated trend ten years down the road. Because it is so neutral and ever-present in all design trends, your black window frames will blend well with any trends you opt for down the line for the rest of your exterior in your Kansas City home.

Black is Modern

While naturally timeless, black does give any home a fresh, modern look! Bonus: Black window frames won’t show dirt and age like white window frames do, keeping your exterior looking brand new for years to come. When you invest in high-quality vinyl windows with black frames rather than just painting frames and shutters yourself, you can trust that the black will never dull or fade with time. 

Contrasting Frames Make a Statement

Looking for a way to make your home stand out in the neighborhood or before putting it on the competitive Kansas City real estate market? Since most homes have white window frames, giving your home a bold, black accent will draw the eye instantly, leaving everyone impressed! Black window frames are a great option to set your home apart. But unlike trends, black frames are timeless, which means they won’t look dated in just a few years.

Why Not Just Paint the Frames Black?

While you may think black window frames sound like the perfect way to transform your home’s exterior, you may be wondering why you can’t just buy some paint and primer and do the job yourself. We don’t recommend paint, for several reasons:


  1. Standard exterior paint will flake and peal over time. Rolox Windows can be customized with a textured Painted or smooth Vinyl Capstock finish, both of which are designed to not fade, chip, or peel for the lifetime of your windows.


  1. Paint primers can damage vinyl. Most over-the-counter primers have chemicals in them that don’t pair well with vinyl. These can soften your vinyl windows and compromise their structure and integrity.


  1. Painting your window frames may void your warranty. When in doubt, don’t mess around with warrantied parts of your home. Any do-it-yourself work on your windows may void the window warranty, making it a risk not worth taking.


  1. Black paint retains heat. If not treated properly, black window frames can become warped from heat retention and even crack the glass panels during hot Kansas City summers. Rolox Windows are treated to prevent this from occurring.

The Best Windows and Design Styles for Black Frames

When we said black goes with everything, we meant it! Black window frames can work for any window and any design style, from modern to Victorian to farmhouse and more! Here are a few of our favorite ways to style black window frames:

Black Frames on Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a popular option for many homes because the large glass panes allow in so much natural light. Because the frames cover a smaller area of the window, choosing a bold option like black can help them stand out!

Monochromatic Styles

Instead of using black to make a statement, why not use it as the entire color story of your home’s exterior? Monochromatic color schemes are a popular new trend for windows in 2023, and we think taking an all-black approach could really make your home pop!

Black on Decorative Frames

If your windows have decorative frame details crisscrossing in front of the glass panel—as you would see on French doors or many bay windows—black is just the thing to make this lovely design accent stand out!

Once You Go Black, You Won’t Go Back!

If you’re ready for a change, we have the perfect vinyl windows to make it! In addition to giving you brand-new vinyl windows that will strengthen your energy efficiency and brighten your home, our custom-made windows come in all manner of colors and styles—including black, of course!

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