Walk-in Tubs are for Everyone!

While your typical tub and shower combo is often too small for anyone other than young children to enjoy, this doesn’t mean that a bathtub isn’t a good option for your bathroom remodel. You can completely transform the bathing experience in your home by choosing a walk-in bathtub option that is ideal for everyone! 


What is a Walk-in Bathtub?

A walk-in bathtub is exactly what it sounds like — a bathtub designed with a door on the side so you can step into it easily without climbing over a tall ledge. This design makes them much safer for anyone who is at greater risk of falling or injuring themselves while climbing in and out of a large jacuzzi tub or a tub/shower combo.


Walk-in bathtubs are usually much taller than other tubs and have a seat inside for optimal comfort. They are designed to fill very quickly since you can’t start filling them until you are inside with the door shut, and many models come with jets and other accessories for added comfort and relaxation.

6 Reasons You Should Get a Walk-in Tub at Any Age

Even if you’re not a particularly big fan of baths, you still might want to consider a walk-in tub for your bathroom renovation in 2023! Here are six reasons why we think almost every home would benefit from a walk-in bathtub:

1. Walk-in Bathtubs are Safer

Eliminating the slip hazard of a tall bathtub ledge from your bathroom makes it a safer space for everyone, not just older adults. Walk-in bathtubs always come with a door in the side so you can simply step in, seal the door, sit down, and relax as the warm water and bubbles fill up to your shoulders. With additional safety features like railings and a non-slip tub floor, walk-in bathtubs are built with safety at the forefront.

2. They’re More Accessible

Accessibility should always be an important consideration because you never know when you might need it! Walk-in bathtubs come in handy when an aging parent comes to visit or if an unexpected injury makes climbing in and out of a bathtub or standing in a shower difficult. The bathtub door and comfortable seat make walk-in bathtubs an accessible bathing option for anyone and everyone.

3. They’re More Comfortable

Lying down in a hard porcelain bathtub isn’t actually all that comfortable — at least, not when compared with the superior comfort of sitting on a nice, molded seat! Walk-in bathtubs are much taller than the average bathtub since they don’t need to account for keeping the threshold low enough to step in and out of. This means that bathers of all heights and sizes can expect the tub to fill all the way up to their chest or shoulders. No more shifting around awkwardly in a shallow tub trying to keep your whole body submerged!

4. They Fit Small Spaces

Although you get much more depth with a walk-in bathtub, they still take up less space than large jacuzzi tubs! Again, this is because they use more vertical space rather than needing to spread out enough for bathers to lie down. With this upward-focused design, walk-in bathtubs can fit in almost any bathroom space, which is an important consideration when remodeling your bathroom.

5. They’re Beneficial for Hydrotherapy

Water is a fantastic therapy tool to manage pain and promote healing. This practice is known as hydrotherapy, and walk-in bathtubs can include extra features that enhance the hydrotherapy experience! Jets and air bubbles, when combined with the warm water, can ease the pressure on injuries and aching muscles, giving your body a massage experience that significantly reduces muscle tension and discomfort. You may not have been a fan of bathing before, but with a walk-in tub, you may find yourself enjoying them regularly!

6. They Help You Age in Place

If you’re settled into your forever home, installing a walk-in tub is a great decision now! Having an accessible bathroom will make it much easier for you to stay comfortable in the home you know and love for many decades to come.


Ready for a Bathroom Remodel?

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom and are considering a walk-in bathtub, reach out to us at Rolox Home Service! We offer custom walk-in bathtub models to fit your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget — including features for hydrotherapy and massage! Get in touch with Rolox today.

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