Six Popular Window Trends in 2023

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Multiple factors go into every window choice in your home: the architectural style of your house, what personal aesthetic you’re prioritizing, or if you’re preparing to put your home on the market. No matter what your goals are for your home, Rolox Home Service knows that there’s a window design that can help bring your vision to life. 


More than ever before, homeowners are investing time, effort, and money into the look and feel of their homes. This is primarily due to an increase in home offices. After all, if you’re spending more time in your house, you’ll understandably want to feel even happier with the overall aesthetic! This shift to more remote work has also led to more extensive home design trends — including numerous new window trends that are inspiring homeowners every day. 


Let’s dive into six of our favorite window trends for 2023! 

1. Prioritizing Natural Light  

Due to shifts in window design over the years, grilles are no longer necessarily needed to hold individual glass panes in place. Instead, they can now be used as a design element or, in this case, the absence of grilles is a design element all by itself! Sizable bay windows, bow windows, and minimalist casement windows are all used to bring abundant light into homes. 


Sliding doors and windows are becoming increasingly popular with people who want windows that double as functional thresholds. If you choose to go this route, be sure to pair your sliding door with durable glass! We’d recommend impact glass because it’s far more resistant to breakage due to its makeup as a mix of both laminated and tempered glass. 

2. Biophilic Designs 

A biophilic design takes the appeal of natural light to the next level by directly linking the inside of your home to the natural world. Considering the increased popularity of houseplants  (of all shapes and sizes), this particular trend doesn’t come as a surprise. 


Double-hung windows are especially popular in biophilic designs because they boost airflow throughout your home and help you stay connected to the outdoors through their two opening sashes. This type of window is especially helpful for those who are working remotely from a computer for most of their daylight hours! 

3. Monochromatic Color Schemes 

For years, homeowners have painted wooden window frames, both indoors and outdoors, to add a pop of color to their home’s design. Today’s trend elevates that simple pop of color by keeping every drop of paint in the same color. 


By matching your walls to your interior window trim and grilles, you’ll be able to strike a balance between bold and cozy. If you’re intrigued by monochrome design, keep in mind that vinyl window frames can be manufactured in nearly any color and require much less maintenance than traditional wooden frames! 

4. Touches of Texture 

The accessorization of your windows is an often overlooked trend that can greatly impact your home. To make a unique statement, you can add texture to your hardware’s finishes on handles, latches, levers to make a unique statement. You can also choose to level up your plain glass by choosing an etched glass pattern or adding customized grilles. Window shape is another textural option that combines the traditional feel of an arched or oval window with a more modern architectural home. 

5. Minimalism 

Minimalist window design brings together aspects from multiple other trends: large glass panes to bring in natural light, customized grilles that boast clean lines, and a near-monochromatic color scheme. Each window also tends to be accompanied by a minimalist set of shades, blinds, or near-transparent curtains to help maintain privacy without sacrificing style. 


If some color is included in the minimalist design, it’s often either an addition of white oak or black window frames. Each has its own merits — warmth and subtlety compared to more stark neutrality — while still keeping the integrity of the minimalist trend. 

6. Sustainable Design 

No matter which stylistic trend you choose, today’s windows nearly all lend themselves to an increasingly sustainable set of standards. Whether you choose double or triple-paned windows, today’s Low-E glass will help keep harmful UV rays out, allow more light in, and keep unwanted outdoor temperatures from coming into your home


There’s no longer a need to choose between sustainability and attractive design because all of these designs can be made to help lower your energy use overall

Choosing the Trend that Works for You 

Whether you choose double-hung windows with customized grilles or sliding glass doors with textured glass, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments can help polish off your finished look. 


If you’ve chosen your home’s next window design and are looking for a professional team to make it happen or if you’re struggling to choose between two trends, reach out to Rolox Home Service for personalized support. 

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