Nine Popular Design Trends for Windows in 2024

Windows are our bread and butter at Rolox Home Service. From the frames and panels to the shape and color, we understand that windows are a key component of every home’s curb appeal, aesthetic style, and energy efficiency!


We shared some up-and-coming window trends with you last year, and now we’re back with the 2024 edition! If your windows are looking a little worse for wear and you’re considering a refresh for the new year, here are nine of our favorite window design trends that we expect to see appearing on homes in 2024.


1. Eco-Friendly Interiors

Energy-efficient replacement windows are an excellent choice for reducing energy consumption (and carbon footprint). Recently, the eco-friendly trend for windows has made its way indoors as more homeowners are looking for shades and curtains woven from eco-friendly materials that are efficient at blocking light while keeping interior warmth. Some examples include:


  • Woven wood shades
  • Shades and curtains made from recycled materials
  • Fabric curtains made from organic materials like linen, grass, or reed

2. Industrial Framing

The industrial style has continued to be popular due to its sleek and modern curb appeal. With metal accents or frames that give the appearance of a metallic finish, homeowners are fully embracing this unique style with roots dating back to the Industrial Revolution.

3. Sleek Windows with Minimal Framing

Most homeowners cannot get enough natural light, and this trend speaks volumes to that continued preference! While homeowners may have opted for windows with elaborate and detailed framing in the past, 2024 is trending more toward minimalist framing, allowing for as much clear and unobstructed glass as possible.

4. Seamless Transitions

In addition to the crystal clear views of minimally framed windows and doors, window design trends in 2024 are all about creating a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor, and vice versa. Larger outside windows are a part of this trend and create a cohesive design incorporating the same style on the home’s exterior into the interior. But one of the most notable shifts in window trends has to do with exterior glass doors, which are trending away from French doors and more toward the smooth transition afforded by floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. 

5. Innovative Glass

Technology and innovation are making waves in every industry, and that includes windows! Three unique features are growing in popularity when it comes to modern window trends: smart glass, self-cleaning glass, and energy-efficient glass.


Smart glass often pairs with the homeowners’ smart devices, allowing them to adjust the tint to allow in more or less light or increase privacy as desired. Self-cleaning glass, a standard feature of all Rolox windows, uses the sun’s ultraviolet rays to break down the adhesion of dirt and debris on the glass. This makes it possible for windows to be cleaned with a light spray of water or even with a little rainfall!


Energy-efficient glass, the most popular innovative choice, is built with sustainability (and your energy bills) in mind! All of our windows at Rolox Home Service are highly energy efficient, with air-tight construction and surpassing requirements for both Energy Star and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

6. Sound-proofing

Whether you live in a lively suburb or on a busy street, no one likes the added sound of outside noise leaking into their home. So while this is a popular window trend, it’s also a staple of any replacement windows. Soundproof windows are built with specialized noise-reduction glass to reduce sound transmission, and ours are second only to an actual insulated wall for noise reduction!

7. Neutral Contrast

Another visual trend for windows in 2024 is contrast between windows and siding. This continues to be a popular design choice, specifically focusing on neutrals. Many homeowners are embracing the bold and eye-catching look of black window frames, contrasting this trim with an overall light and natural color to the house such as white, gray, or light natural wood. This trend makes for a very modern look with plenty of personality, proving that you don’t have to match window trim to your home for it to look cohesive.

8. Double-hung Windows

While sliding windows are popular for their affordability, double-hung windows are overtaking them on the 2024 window design trends list! These versatile windows work for a modern or classic look and are extremely easy to clean due to the highly popular tilt-in design.

9. Mix-and-match Window Styles

The debate over using multiple window styles for your home is over, at least as far as next year is concerned. Homeowners are embracing a mix-and-match approach to windows, choosing a base design like double-hung and accenting it with a few architectural or oversized windows to make a statement.


Replace Your Windows with Rolox in 2024!

Whether you follow the trends or stick with timeless classics, Rolox Home Service has beautiful, energy-efficient windows to meet every need and preference! Take a look at our window brochure and schedule your free consultation to give your windows a whole new look for 2024.

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